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Rates and reimbursements

Practice O.C. Rozendaal meets the requirements of all Dutch health insurers, meaning that in most cases you will be reimbursed for 50-100% of the treatment. In general, a refund policy offers the most generous compensation. Practice O.C. Rozendaal has no contracts with insurers.* Contact your health insurer so that you know how much of the care is reimbursed and how much you may have to pay yourself. The precise reimbursement depends on the type of health insurance and the diagnosis that is made. A referral letter from your GP is required for reimbursed care. I adhere to the rates set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

*As of July 1, 2024, Practice O.C. Rozendaal has a contract with Menzis. The healthcare labels Menzis, Anderzorg, HEMA and VinkVink are included. The health insurer will then reimburse you for the treatment in full . The invoice goes directly to the health insurer.

Deductible, also known as excess or "own risk", means that you don’t get a refund from the insurance company as long as the costs you make are lower than the deductible. Reimbursement from the basic package involves a legally required deductible. For 2024, this amount is €385, you pay these costs once for the entire year of 2024. If you started treatment in 2024 and it continues in 2025, you will pay the deductible in both years.

Rates 2024

An intake session falls under 'Diagnostics' and a treatment session under 'Treatment'. Health insurers ask for so-called treatment codes for reimbursement of care. These codes can be found in brackets after the number of minutes. The treatment codes are stated on the invoice.


60 minutes (CO0562)    €183.44
75 minutes (CO0692)    €223.48
90 minutes (CO0822)    €274.01
120 minutes (CO0952)    €380.13


45 minutes (CO0497)    €135.89
60 minutes (CO0627)    €161.46
75 minutes (CO0757)    €198.72
90 minutes (CO0887)    €242.76
120 minutes (CO1017)    €346.41

Peer consultation:

Short (OV0007)    € 25.05
Long (OV0008)    €76.35

Terms of payment

Practice O.C. Rozendaal has no contracts with health insurers, which means that the invoice cannot be submitted directly to your health insurer. You will periodically receive an invoice from me for the sessions that have taken place and pay the full amount to Practice O.C. Rozendaal. You can declare the invoice to your health insurer, often this can be done digitally (via an app). The reimbursement (between 50-100%) will then be paid to you by your health insurer.

​Pay yourself
There is also the option to pay for the care in full yourself, which is unreimbursed care. In that case you pay €135.89 per 45-minute consultation in 2024. Consultations lasting longer or shorter than 45 minutes have a pro-rated rate.

Cancellation policy / No show
You can cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 48 hours in advance by telephone, voicemail or e-mail. If there is less notice, I cannot schedule another appointment and I will charge €60 for the missed appointment. Unfortunately, no exception is made for illness. You cannot claim the bill for a no show from your health insurer.

Conditions & complaints procedure

Privacy and the electronic patient file (EPD)

I take your privacy seriously and therefore work in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to the GDPR, I may only process personal data if there is a legally valid reason for doing so and a clearly defined purpose. I may only use this information for that purpose. At Practice O.C. Rozendaal, necessary measures have been taken to handle your personal data with care. Your data is stored in an electronic patient file (EPD). This is an electronic system in which healthcare professionals such as doctors and psychologists safely store and process medical data of patients.

Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM)

To measure the results of the treatment, so-called Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) can be used. At a number of times during your treatment, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your complaints. The outcome of this questionnaire is used to evaluate the progress of the treatment.

Treatment agreement and privacy statement

Prior to the treatment process, the conditions for treatment at Practice O.C. Rozendaal are discussed with you. If you do not want your health insurer to receive diagnosis information, you can file an objection. Together we will complete a form (privacy statement), which we both sign. This form states that the diagnosis made will be omitted from the invoice.

Complaints procedure

Are you satisfied with your treatment? Share this with me and those around you! But even if you are not (completely) satisfied, I would like to hear from you. Together we will try to resolve your complaint. If we are unable to resolve this together, you can discuss your complaint via the NIP complaints and disputes procedure. Or you can send an email to .

Have you not yet assessed the treatment? You can leave an anonymous review via Zorgkaart Nederland.

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