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Hello, welcome

My name is Odyl Rozendaal

You are very welcome in my psychologist practice for online therapy in basic mental health care. In my position as a mental health psychologist, I offer short-term treatment for women aged 18 and over with mild to moderate psychological complaints.

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Very pleasant to connect with. Always calm and friendly. Can ask questions well and gives good advice. I always felt there was room to share everything. I also had the feeling that my privacy was handled very carefully.


I liked that it was actually very practical, she immediately gave me tools to change things and I also saw results quickly.

Radiates tranquility

Odyl is a very nice psychologist who thinks along with her patient, listens well, provides practical solutions and radiates peace, calm and professionalism through her calm voice and expertise.


She is very pleasant to deal with, does not judge/condemn, and knows how to find a good balance between understanding what the patient presents and offering suggestions/a different way of thinking.

Common thread

Excellent practitioner. Odyl knows how to gauge what is and is not important; keeps me on track and focused (I aprreciate this). It was just a very pleasant contact that gave me new insights.


Odyl was very understanding, supportive, very personal in her approach, and I am very grateful for the treatment which has been very effective.


Odyl is a pleasant person to talk to, put me at ease. Calm, professional attitude. Asked well enough and also provided a lot of information. This gave me more insight, she particularly reflected on my points of interest. Always careful, appointments went well.

Personal experiences

Very pleasant guidance, accessible, very friendly and professional, she emphasized the success experiences during the process. I also really liked that she had a lot of experience in her personal life with the problems I was encountering, so she knew exactly what I was encountering and how we could deal with it. I 'missed' this with previous psychological help.

Self-Coaching Tools

Free ebook (Dutch)

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Podcast (Dutch)

You want to take care of everyone and are afraid of rejection. Constantly pleasing others, while you actually want to put yourself first. Recognizable? Listen to my podcast Odyl for Real for advice and experiences from my own journey.

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