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Odyl Rozendaal

My name is Odyl (1985), I'm born in Suriname, raised in the Netherlands and I live in Amsterdam. I live here with my husband and our two children. In my position as a mental health psychologist I have gained a lot of knowledge about transcultural psychiatry, anxiety, trauma and depression. I have more than 14 years of experience with various people with mild to severe psychological complaints. I have guided many women from different backgrounds through coaching and therapy.

As a millennial, woman, mother and person of color, I have also experienced how expectations and pressure from society can make my life difficult. I have experienced structurally pushing my physical and mental boundaries because I wanted to conform to the 'norm'. I know the challenges of PMS/PMDD and have experienced loss experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. I have also experienced how complicated and at the same time normal it feels to grow up within two cultures. I have experienced the challenges that come your way when you are part of a mixed couple and have bi-ethnic children. I bring all my human experiences into therapy, clients experience this as great added value. In combination with my knowledge, expertise and tools, I help you deal with your psychological complaints.

My mission is that every woman succeeds in creating a life where she can be herself without feelings of guilt. I help her put her happiness first. In a healthy, relaxed, resilient way and full of strength. I quickly get to the heart of the matter, offer a listening ear and provide practical advice. I believe that timing, motivation and a little humor are important in this process.

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