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January & February 2024
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We believe that holistic care is the best care for feeling good about yourself in the long term. In addition to talking about your complaints, it is just as important to feel and move through your complaints. With the Holistic Happiness Kickstart 2024 you will receive 2 consultations from GZ psychologist Odyl Rozendaal and from sensuality & relationship coach Taneesha Sijmons!


This package consists of:​

  • A 60-minute online psychological consultation by GZ psychologist Odyl Rozendaal

  • A choice of a 90-minute relationship & intimacy consultation or a 90-minute sensuality session by coach Taneesha Sijmons

  • And 2 great bonuses, including the 3-step roadmap Control the Controlfreak that can help you let go more!​


This offer has a value of more than €300. The consultations will take place in January or February 2024. Because we want to test this package first, you will receive this offer for a pilot price of only € 179! There is a maximum of 5 places, after which we have a waiting list.



Single Session Therapy is a way of coaching/treatment in which each session stands alone. Because we will work on your request for help in 1 consultation, the focus is on the current situation and on self-reliance. I work with you to find a good answer to a current issue. That does not mean that everything will be solved in that one session. The goal is to help you get back on track so that you can continue on your own. With a feeling of relief and more hope. That is why this is a unique opportunity to discover what therapy can do for you! The exact outcome of this session depends on the situation, the question and your wishes. Sometimes a different perspective helps to move forward. In other cases, this could be a practical plan, the first step of which is practiced during the session.


Sensuality session

As a sensuality coach, I guide women, femmes and non-binary souls to discover and deepen their relationship with themselves, their bodies and their authentic sensual and sexual self-expression. In this 1 on 1 session, the (re)discovery of you as a sensual being is central and I guide you with the help of my 4 core elements: bodywork, breathwork, movement and mindfulness and in a safe space towards an embodied feeling where your sensuality is located can form and express authentically.

Relationship & intimacy consultation

The Intimate Love Session is a couples session where you are guided to deepen or improve your relationship, your intimacy or your communication. During this session I am not only a listening ear who can provide support through cognitive therapy, but I also use body-oriented/somatic work in my sessions, so that I can help you as a couple experience connection on the spot using intimacy practices. Of course, we cannot discuss or solve everything in one session. However, I can guarantee that after this session you will not only have a better understanding of your relational patterns and wishes/needs, but you will hopefully also walk away with more connection.


register closed

Register now for the Holistic Happiness Kickstart 2024, there are only 5 spots!


  • The 2 consultations will take place between 01-01-2024 and 01-03-2024.

  • Investment: this package has a value of more than € 300 and will only cost you € 179!

  • Please note: the Holistic Happiness Kickstart 2024 is not for existing customers or customers who have completed a separate consultation or complete trajectory with Odyl or Taneesha in the past. ​See also general terms and conditions.

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